Who I Am

Laura Chapin as a child
Laura K Chapin, Head shot Union Station

The photo at the top of this page is from my first appearance in the media – a Houston Post article on back-to-school. I’ve stepped up my game a bit since then. The photo at the bottom is from the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives, taking pictures for the House Communications office on my first day at the Colorado legislature – with the press table in the background.

I’m Laura K Chapin, a former Washington, DC Capitol Hill press secretary (Senators Mikulski and Boxer) and issues communications specialist who moved to Colorado for family and a better quality of life. I cut my political teeth serving as a regional press secretary for President Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign in Michigan and on his Inaugural Committee. I’ve worked for the Colorado legislature, for Governor Ritter, and on numerous statewide ballot and advocacy campaigns here on everything from Senate primaries to health care to multiple (failed) attempts to ban abortion.

Laura Chapin working in a conference room with others
Lanyards and Badges from political events

Personal Statement

I love Colorado. Like so many, I fell in love with this beautiful place the moment I set foot in it. Every day I feel fortunate to call it home.

As a communications professional, I believe in bringing that sense of place to my client work. My personal and professional philosophy is simple: If I don’t believe in it, I can’t sell it.

My responsibility at LKC Consulting is to help you connect, communicate, and make a difference.