Current and Past Clients


"I've known Laura as a friend, a colleague, and an Ally to the LGBT community for years. Her strategy to increase the Gill Foundation's social media presence around our 20th Anniversary was a huge help in advancing our goals." -- Bobby Clark, Vice President of Programs and Communications, The Gill Foundation

"Laura is a highly effective communications leader in Colorado, and someone whose work I've appreciated for years. There's a reason the media repeatedly turns to her and her clients for quotes and interviews."
-- Mike Sozan, former Chief of Staff, Senator Mark Udall

"As a reporter, I've worked with all sorts of flacks. Laura is one of the best. She sees the whole playing field where politics and media interact -- from what's really happening at the heart of a story to how to help a reporter tell that story in an effective, memorable way."
-- Eli Stokols, Political Reporter and Anchor, Fox31 Denver

"You've got to to love a political consultant who likes to say you have to able to fight with the other side during the day and drink with them at night. You have to love her even more for her snappy quotes."
-- Lynn Bartels, legendary Capitol reporter, Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News

"Laura has a sophisticated, macro understanding of today's complicated media environment in which it's difficult to drive core messages without them getting muddled. She's sharp, knows how to effectively get the point across, and knows how to work with coalitions and allies to amplify issues in a way that gets the media's attention in the way you want."
-- Adam Dunstone, Principal, Tightline Strategies

"Laura was a lifesaver and a real pro when it came to working with the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence on a bill to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. We are a small, non-profit organization, and we count on people like Laura to help us effect positive change for victims of domestic violence by expanding our reach and getting the word out to the media on who we are and what we do."
-- Amy Miller, Executive Director, Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence