Why LKC Consulting?

In a word: relationships. As an experienced PR professional who’s worked for the Colorado legislature, a Colorado governor, two United States Senators, and on multiple statewide ballot measures, I’ve built up a network of media contacts in Colorado and nationally that I can put to work for you. This includes print, online, radio and TV reporters, producers, and editors.

In an evolving media universe, reporters do stories based on solid pitches from sources they trust. When you hire Laura K Chapin/LKC Consulting, you hire the network of trusted relationships I’ve built over the years.

In addition to earned media, as an avid user, consumer, and consultant on social media for clients, I can help you maximize your social media outreach and get attention for what you do. In addition to direct outreach to your audience, reporters use social media as a shortcut for their coverage. I’ve set up and managed multiple social media accounts for clients, and I can tailor your social media to your mission and brand.

I believe passionately in promoting my clients to the best of my ability and tailoring my expertise to their needs. If I don’t believe in it, I can’t sell it.